Thursday, August 28, 2008

48 Days and Counting

Juliana has been doing pretty well considering her history. She is feeding now and eating it all up. Everyday her feeds are increased by 1cc. She is up to 7cc per day and will probably go up to 8 later today. Her last weigh in was at 2lb 3 oz. which is almost double her birth weight. Once she is up to full feeds they will take her off the TPN.

Her lungs are sounding a little better but still not great. So the plan right now is to start her on a course of Dexamethisone (steroids) for 5 days. Like before she will get 10 doses over 5 days with each dose being less than the previous so that she will taper off the medication with ease. She had blood and urine cultures taken yesterday. So as long as there is no growth within 48 hours she will start the steroid treatment with the hopes of extubating her soon after the treatment is done.

She had a liver function test done this week and her numbers were a bit high so she is getting actigall twice a day and they will do another test in about a week to see how that is going. She may be on this medication for a few weeks. The TPN that she receives is also very tough on the liver so once she is off of it we will hopefully see more improvment. She is off the antibiotics with one dose left of the antifungal medication (fluconazle) which she will receive today. So for now she is only getting the actigall twice daily and will soon start the dexamethisone.

All in all she has made great strides and is well on her way to recovery although we will never be completely out of the woods. We still have quite a few more accomplishment to make but I am sure this tough little cookie won't crumble. Please keep her in your prayers.

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Juliana Maria was born on July 12, 2008. She is a micro preemie born at 1lb 2oz. 11-1/2 in 23 weeks and 4 days gestational age.