Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back on Track

So we are back on track for weaning. Juliana is back to her base line for oxygen and within the next week we will try to wean her again. It's nice to put the suction machine back in the closet. She is still getting mucinex twice a day to help keep things under control.

In other news..... Juliana is officially a crawler. She is actually up on both her hands and knees. Now I have to pull the gates out of the closet. I was in the kitchen the other day washing up the dishes when I hear a little voice behind me saying "hi, hi, hi" (this is Juliana's way of getting your attention). She had crawled into the kitchen and was sitting there on the floor with the cheesiest smile ever. She is really proud of her self when she knows she has accomplished something. She is also pulling one of her brothers old tricks of pulling out all of the books and movies from the shelves and throwing them into a big pile on the floor. I forgot what toddler life was like, but it's so refreshing to see Juliana doing normal toddler things.

It's been great to see her relationship with her brother blossom. Omar is generally very loving to his sister and often likes to "help" her out. Her response is to push him away, pull his hair, or grab his face (typical little sister stuff). What's even better is that Omar just lets it happen. Occasionally he comes crying to me "Juli hit me" and then he's fine. She is still his biggest fan though and he's her best entertainment. No one can make Juliana laugh the way Omar does. They definitely have the love-hate sibling relationship mastered already.

We have a clinic visit in Boston next week and hopefully our surgeon will be there. I hope to come back with a set plan for surgery this summer. I also am curious to see how much weight she has gained on the new formula.

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Juliana Maria was born on July 12, 2008. She is a micro preemie born at 1lb 2oz. 11-1/2 in 23 weeks and 4 days gestational age.